Should or should you not take a hot bath?

Should or should you not take a hot bath?

Everyone on the planet wants to relax by releasing accumulated stress. One way to kick the mental and physical pressure is a hot bath. You can use a tub filled with heated water to refresh your mind and body. However, the same asset can be a pain in the ass if it is damaged. Such inconvenience can be cleared with the help of the best handy services in Lyon. Rolling back to the topic, here is a list of benefits of soaking in water for your health.

  • Improved sleep
  • Pain relief
  • Cardiovascular health

Improved sleep: One of the medical researches confirmed that soaking your body in a tub can help you smoothly slip into sleep. Another survey conducted with a small group concluded that insomniacs can enjoy the feeling of deep sleep and eventually rest for a longer time.

Pain relief: The relaxation of muscles, tendons and joints can be attained through a good hot bath. The inflammation and stiffness caused by arthritis can be cured by using hot water. This is due to the massaging action and heat of the H2O. Joints’ flexibility and motions are promoted through the use of a tub as water eases the weight on joints.

Cardiovascular health: A hot bath can lower blood pressure and increase the heart rate. One medical study proved that water immersion positively affects blood pressure and the vascular system. However, this is dependent on the duration of immersion in the water.

When to avoid a hot bath?

  • Pregnancy: Expecting mothers and their babies can be at the risk of being negatively affected by hot temperatures due to their body sensitivity.
  • Heart disease: People with cardiovascular issues can be benefitted from a hot bath but the rest can experience harmful conditions due to the water’s ability of the action to increase heart rate.
  • Skin injuries: Individuals with open sores, cuts or rashes have to avoid soaking in heated water as it can lead to skin infection and irritation.

From the above, it is clear that hot baths can promote high-quality sleep, cardiovascular health and relieve pain. However, they can also have certain side effects on a few people. This is why you need to make an informed decision before stepping into the tub. Speaking of the tub, contact the best handy services in Lyon to get the repairs addressed.