Make The Most Out Of Wax Melts With These Tips

Make The Most Out Of Wax Melts With These Tips

When it comes to making your home smell more homely, wax melts are becoming a more popular option these days. Wax melts have numerous advantages, including convenience and flame-free usage. It is safer than regular candles, even for children. For sure, you want to get more value out of your wax melts. So to extend the life of your wax melts, here are some tips that you can try.

Heat Wax Melts Slowly

One of the best ways to extend the life of your wax melts is to heat them slowly. It can extend the scent release time of your wax melts compared to heating them quickly.  Good electric warmers will heat your wax melt at the correct rate, but it is always important to double-check.

Carefully Select Your Wax Melts

Essential oils and fragrance oils are the two most common scents used in wax melts. Make sure that you take this into consideration while making your selection. It is vital that you only purchase wax melts from trusted manufacturers. The wax melt snap bars uk from Gracie Moon Scents are among the most popular these days, so you might want to check them out.

Only Heat Wax When Needed

Even though wax melts lose their scent slowly compared to scented candles, it is still best if you only heat them when needed. Many individuals make their wax melts last for a few hours because they leave them heating while away. To make it last longer, only use your wax melts while you’re around to enjoy them more. There’s no point in warming wax melts while you’re gone if no one is home.

Always Clean The Warmer

After using your warmer, you may find unused wax or a thin layer of wax on the warmer dish’s bottom. Cleaning away all of the residual wax has various benefits, one of which is that it improves the efficiency of your warmer. Keep in mind that cleaning your warmer after each use will ensure that your wax melts aroma doesn’t mix with any previous scents. You should clean your warmer’s dish regularly, if not daily.

How Long Do Wax Melts Last?

Some people are curious about how long wax melts burn and how long they last once bought. Well, it really depends on the wax melts’ quality, the size of the cube in your wax warmer, and the wax warmer’s temperature. It also depends on how long you burn the wax melt each day. In fact, the scent lingers long after the burner has been turned off, making one wax melt pack to last even longer.